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About Us

Wink is a boutique consultancy that was founded when 2 seasoned business thinkers saw an opportunity to bring hybrid cross-channel solutions to clients in the digital marketing space.

At wink, we are strategists first, working with our clients to develop programs and solutions that optimize digital opportunities and deliver measurable results against your objectives.

We focus on solutions that deliver across the customer engagement spectrum, including awareness but also equally focused on relationship segments such as lead generation, purchase, relationship management and loyalty.

We believe that all marketing tactics need to contribute to your bottom line and develop programs with benchmarks and metrics as a basis for your investment.


Hands on: Our senior partners are your client leads.

Agile: We work with our clients in a collaborative fashion, ensuring every dollar in optimized in a flexible and productive process.

Digital: We have extensive experience across below the line disciplines and understand how to provide integrated solutions that optimize your investment. We understand web, mobile, content production, social media, online media, usability, SEO.

Experienced: Our background is based on business experience across multiple customer segments and in various business verticals. We have been clients too, so we understand where you’re coming from.


wink was co-founded by Nadia Duriavig, a seasoned marketing strategist who has been working in advertising and digital marketing for over 15 years. She has worked in several of Canada’s leading agencies, web shops, mobile development agencies and consumer packaged goods business’. Her specialty is in strategy and business development.

Daniela Duriavig is wink’s other founder, an Engineer with a specialty in business management and analytics. She has spent the last decade managing several blue chip clients through large-scale projects, adhering to strict goals and budgets.

Our unique perspective comes from 30 + years combined experience in the consumer goods, marketing and advertising, engineering and digital fields positioning us to understand your business first and make recommendations that make sense.

We have worked with a multitude of Fortune 500 clients across North America throughout our careers, across various business and marketing disciplines.




Contact Us

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